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facebook picture3Rs in Ecology is the weblog site for the course Ecological Restoration (ERES525) in the School of Biological Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Where did this come from?

3Rs in Ecology is an initiative by the Centre for Biodiversity & Restoration Ecology (CBRE) – integrating teaching and research in ecology.

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Click on this image to find CBRE on Twitter

Ecological Restoration is a course are offered by Assoc. Prof. Wayne Linklater and described inthe Course Prescription  (box) below.

The idea for the on-line teaching and weblog submission of work and its benefits for student learning were conceived and trialed during Wayne’s research and study leave at UC-Berkeley. He acknowledges, with thanks, the class in Animal Geography (GEOG298) who were helpful guineapigs in his trials of the concept there.

What will appear on these pages?

Students are encouraged, during the course, to publish their work and evaluate the work of peers – class mates – on-line. Our objective is to teach public engagement in the science of reservation, Course prescription text boxrestoration and reconciliation ecology, and the concise synthesis and communication of ideas, in ways that reflect the certainties and uncertainties in each disciplines’ state-of-knowledge. Students are learning how to communicate science effectively and in interesting and creative ways.

During the semester, students will submit a ~600-word essay as a weblog that will be evaluated by a randomly selected member of class. The weblog and evaluation will be published.

During class each student also presents an evaluation of a published scientific peer-reviewed paper as a 12-minute Speed Paper Synopsis, like the Speed Paper Presentations at the International Congress of Conservation Biology.

Students are then asked to write their evaluation as a research weblog post. The online compendium of Speed Paper Synopses serves as a study guide for the class towards their final exam.

How to find what you want.

To your right on the sidebar, the archives and categories of postings on this weblog from previous years are listed. Students are asked to categorise their posts by year (e.g., 2014), course (ERES525 or BIOL420 – a course I tought in previous years), and type (Research Blog or Speed Paper Synopsis).

They are also asked to make keywords of their post tags. Use tags and tag cloud, also on the right, to find a particular theme or topic.

If they are not helpful to you, use the search widget to find your interest.


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